Using synergies

Co-operation– this is the motto of SEV) when it comes to providing services. SEV is thus now working closely as a service centre onthe creation of so-called “equipment ledgers” with the Regional Craft Federation (LVH). The background to all this is that Italy requires such ledgers for old and new heating plants, water heating equipment and air-conditioning systems in buildings.

Help in keeping ledgers: close co-operation between SEV and LVH

In addition to general data and consumption measurements, these documents contain the results of maintenance operations and efficiency studies. SEV represents 40 district heating plants in South Tyrol and is therefore committed to ensuring that equipment ledgers are kept in a simple, cost-effective way. This includes providing appropriate software, finding suitable contracting firms and training installers.

Those benefiting from this offer will be the district heating plants and – especially – their customers, as more and more families in South Tyrol are using sustainable, “homemade” district heating. As a reminder, in 2012 our plants provided heat to 15,000 buildings and supplied 750 million kilowatt-hours of heat and 60 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Hanspeter Fuchs
Chairman, SEV

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