The Vinschgau Valley as a model

A model for other parts of the region too: the province of South Tyrol has opened the way for the transfer of electricity distribution to nine municipalities in the Vinschgau Valley, thus confirming the work of the South Tyrol Energy Association. We should emphasise pluralism in electricity policy too. The “municipalisation” of electricity networks is an important step in the right direction.

Energy, locally produced, organised and controlled: a supply alternative that may be of interest for other parts of the

Although many details remain to be clarified, the possible supply of the Upper Vinschgau Valley with “homemade” energy could permanently change the electricity landscape in South Tyrol. The nine municipalities want in future to see the transfer of the network management to the Vinschgau Energy Consortium (VEK), a decentralised and democratic solution that could supply households and businesses with low-cost electricity as a not-for-profit co-operative – in other words, a decentralised supply model that the South Tyrol Energy Association (SEV) outlined in its energy concept “The Second Way”.

The SEV is supporting municipalities that want to take over power grids in their sphere of influence – with good reason. In the age of renewable energy, diversity is ultimately a locational advantage. The statistics prove this: in 2012, 53 of the 140
electricity distributors in Italy were from South Tyrol. In Bavaria alone there are some 300 electricity distributors.

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