The smart grid

In the past power grids have only been used for the transmission of electrical energy – their utilisation will significantly expand in future.

The reason is simple: the efficient, sustainable supply of renewable energy is not possible without smart networks. Production from conventional power plants can be controlled at the push of a button: this is not the case for wind, solar or
water energy. But energy supplies must always be stable and reliable.

The solution: “smart” networks to ensure information flows between suppliers and customers. Energy suppliers can then forecast needs and control loads, while consumers can make savings by concentrating consumption on off-peak hours.
The statistics prove the importance of such load control: in Switzerland in 2009, the annual average loading of power grids was not even 50%.

Backed by the South Tyrol provincial administration, the South Tyrol Energy Association is working with its project
partners Syneco GmbH and Etschwerke AG on the smart linking of production, storage, network management and consumption in South Tyrol and is conducting research into innovation. All of this is essential if we really want to achieve our
climate goals in South Tyrol.

Rudi Rienzner
CEO, South Tyrol Energy Association

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