The right path

Planners need data for analysis. The South Tyrol Energy Association (SEV) therefore commissioned the Finnish consulting firm Pöyry to produce a study of the energy landscape in South Tyrol.

In which direction is the European energy sector going? Is a decentralised energy supply with numerous small and medium-sized players adequate for the market? And what might such a decentralised energy supply in South Tyrol look like?

SEV wishes to see clarity, including in regional policy.

The first intermediate results show that the energy vision of the South Tyrol Energy Association (“The Second Way”) is fully in accord with the European trend. Energy co-operatives are playing an increasingly important role in a decentralised energy transition in some countries. Today more than half of the electricity from renewable energy sources in Germany and Denmark is produced by co-operatives.

In a market with numerous players rather than just a few large corporations, not every enterprise can perform every task. Small and medium-sized energy service providers in South Tyrol will therefore also have to rely on a common service platform – as is already offered throughout the region by the South Tyrol Energy Association.

Rudi Rienzner
CEO, South Tyrol Energy Association

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