The starting position is good: for over 100 years now, public utilities and small and medium-sized enterprises and co-operatives have reliably and responsively been supplying South Tyrol with energy. The region also boasts numerous renewable energy sources that can be used sustainably and independently.

Energy from the sun, water, wind, geothermal and biogas sources: the energy transition in South Tyrol began long ago. By 2020 renewable energy sources should be providing 75% of South Tyrol’s needs (excluding traffic); by 2050 this figure should be almost 100%. SEV unreservedly supports these targets set by policymakers.

Diversity and technical know-how: renewable energy in South Tyrol is currently produced in decentralised plants. Meanwhile, municipalities have access to an independently administered technology mix, optimised for local conditions and needs – and are recognised as a model in Italy and abroad.

Small utilities can thus be competitive. Ecological self-sufficiency? Why not – if the right conditions exist. Local management
often supplies local consumers with energy from local resources. That is why South Tyrol is a pioneer in the EU.
Our Energy
The production and distribution of energy therefore becomes a central part of locally rooted, regionally interconnected economic cycles. This also means autonomy and independence. SEV is therefore actively committed to a climate-neutral, responsive, democratic energy sector.

The provision of thermal and electrical energy is a service to customers. Energy policy decisions must always meet the needs of energy consumers, not vice versa. Information, transparent decision-making and democratic representation are therefore essential, both at municipal and at provincial level.

South Tyrol’s energy landscape is populated by numerous players – municipal utilities, co-operatives, private operators and
the SEL company. SEV advocates a fair balance of interests and co-ordination at regional level of all providers: this must nevertheless aim to meet the principle of subsidiarity.

As little central control as necessary, as much self-determination and self-responsibility as possible: all decision-making in the South Tyrol energy sector should conform to this principle. All players thus have the right as equal partners to participate in debates on energy choices.

The use of renewable energy must also be economically viable, both for the suppliers and their customers. Efficiency and profitability are prerequisites for every sustainable energy sector. South Tyrol therefore needs producers and distributors that meet market demands. SEV aims to contribute to this as a competence centre.

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