A model for Europe

According to the strategy paper “Energy-South Tyrol 2050”, South Tyrol intends to become a “climate region at the heart of Europe”. The proportion of needs covered by renewable energy sources should thus be 75% by 2020 and over 90% by 2050. An unrealistic vision? Maybe not: South Tyrol today produces far more electricity than it consumes, with water playing a central role. Progress continues: in 2010 the region supplied 40% of its total energy consumption with renewable energy.
South Tyrolean energy
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Our 305 members put their trust us and this is not just by chance. SEV provides valuable expertise and develops designs for the future, making it an integral part the South Tyrolean energy landscape.

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We work for you. The service centre of SEV offers its members an “all-round care” package. We reliably and promptly handle red tape and reports.

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Hanspeter Fuchs

South Tyrolean energy: this could be the name of a “green” brand of sustainably-produced electricity and ecologically produced heat for marketing beyond the borders of South Tyrol.