Locally-produced heat

Economical, sustainable, innovative: biomass district heating plants are replacing fossil fuel heating systems in South Tyrol and thus making an active contribution to climate protection.

In addition, by burning local wood, these plants are strengthening the local economy while also using the latest technology. The South Tyrol Energy Association supports these plants in their efforts to improve thermal efficiency.

District heating is always worthwhile – both for consumers and the local economy

According to the calculations of the South Tyrolean consumer organisation, district heating is much cheaper than heating systems that use heating oil or natural gas. The EURAC research centre established that the district heating plant in Bruneck helped reduce emission of fine dust by 90%, sulphur dioxide by 42% and carbon monoxide by 27%.

At the same time added value is created for South Tyrol and dependency on energy imports reduced. EURAC states: “The plants thus make a significant contribution to the creation and safeguarding of jobs”. For every euro spent by customers on district heating, 70 cents remain in South Tyrol. The figure for individual heating is a mere 22 cents.

Hanspeter Fuchs
Chairman, South Tyrol Energy Association

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