Innovation and quality

There is a long tradition of clean energy in both South Tyrol and the Alps, which for 100 years have been an
important location for the production and distribution of renewable electrical energy and sustainably produced heat.

Here – as in no other region in Europe – fossil fuels can be replaced by local resources. And let us not forget that we can thus act as a model for our European neighbours.

Our aim is to continue the 100-year success story.

We cannot however simply rest on our laurels. Our decentralised energy sector must adapt to a changing market. We have worked hard in the past: the task now is to develop this heritage efficiently. Energy suppliers will in future grow into all-round energy service providers, providing not just electricity or heat as previously. Many small and medium-sized enterprises will therefore need external help in order to compete successfully on the market in future.

The South Tyrol Energy Association is therefore committed to an innovation offensive – always in co-operation with small and large enterprises. SEV will make services available that are ideally suited to the needs of our operators. Co-operation instead of confrontation: a win-win strategy – for all South Tyrol.

Georg Wunderer
Deputy Chairman, South Tyrol Energy Association

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