Impulses towards innovation

Since 2007 the South Tyrol Energy Association has been organising training for the technicians, senior managers and board members of the 70 district heating plants in South Tyrol.

Not only technical knowledge is learned: training also involves the strategic development of local district heating plants, which has also seen the creation of a network for mutual support among such plants.

The 70 district heating plants in South Tyrol create highly skilled local jobs.

SEV training courses are very popular, meaning that numerous technicians and decision-makers have acquired valuable know-how in recent years. This technical and economic knowledge is an essential prerequisite for the creation of large numbers of highly-skilled jobs in South Tyrol.

These successful training courses also contribute to the improvement of the services provided. Thus some district
heating plant operators in South Tyrol now offer fibre optic -based internet services. In other words, local heat suppliers and local power suppliers are an important factor in promoting innovation in rural areas.

Hanspeter Fuchs
Chairman, South Tyrol Energy Association

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