New thinking – fit for the future

Energy producers, distributors and sellers must now start preparing for a “second energy transition”. The keys to the future are thus diversification and innovation. Traditional energy suppliers who are accustomed to marketing power are becoming energy service providers, with a wide range of new offers. The “smart consumers” of the future will acquire service packages and not just – as in the past – simply consume electricity and heat.

The electricity market is in flux, including in South Tyrol. Today, alongside the big players – Etschwerke and SEL – co-operatives, municipal utilities and private companies are successfully producing heat and electricity for the local market. But it is precisely this decentralised, indigenous pool of enterprises that will have to ensure the provision of services in order to compete on the market. In the final analysis, not all small and medium-sized businesses can develop every service themselves.

SEV wants to foster this market segment by acting as a service platform. SEV thus provides comprehensive and innovative services that fully meet the special requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises, municipally-owned operators, energy co-operatives or municipal utilities. Only in this way can such market players withstand future competition.
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