Well advised - and one step ahead

Exercising influence – in South Tyrol, Rome and in Europe

The South Tyrol Energy Association (SEV) represents the interests of its members. This lobbying works: in spring 2013 the Association presented its energy concept (“The Second Way”) to promote “co-operation instead of confrontation” in South Tyrol. One year later the provincial administration set up (as SEV had been requesting for years) an “energy panel” where representatives of the South Tyrol Energy Association could meet on an equal footing with decision-makers from the local energy sector.
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Information and advice – always up to date

Energy markets are in flux, whether in South Tyrol, in Italy or in Europe. The South Tyrol Energy Association networks with its international partners to ensure that no-one loses sight of the bigger picture. Our members are thus the first to be informed – punctually and reliably – about new laws, ordinances and regulations and are regularly invited to discussions featuring well-known speakers and to further education events.
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Innovation – the technical advantage

The technology for the sustainable use of renewable energy is developing rapidly. SEV is therefore committed to innovation and participates in the development of more efficient and location-oriented high-tech processes. As a member of the South Tyrol Car Sharing Consortium, SEV is working on a comprehensive charging infrastructure for electric cars and collects data and, as a partner in the “E-Tyrol” project, is gathering data and experience on regional e-mobility.
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Insurance – your concerns are our business

Safe means safe – comprehensive insurance protection is nowadays vital. Together with the Raiffeisen Insurance Service (RVD) and the Assimoco insurance company, therefore, the South Tyrol Energy Association offers its members an innovative, wide-ranging service package at reasonable prices. This offer includes all-risks insurance, production loss insurance and liability insurance.
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New thinking – fit for the future

Energy producers, distributors and sellers must now start preparing for a “second energy transition”. The keys to the future are thus diversification and innovation. Traditional energy suppliers who are accustomed to marketing power are becoming energy service providers, with a wide range of new offers. The “smart consumers” of the future will acquire service packages and not just – as in the past – simply consume electricity and heat.
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Sustainable and efficient – our special projects

We think ahead. We offer insurance against loss of heating, the Smart Heat innovation project, a contracting model to improve heating plants and the re-municipalisation of electricity networks: with its numerous special projects, SEV is a pioneer, exploring the latest technical processes and tailor-made solutions to problems, always for the benefit of its members and local consumers.
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