Pilot Partner
Development of municipal bioenergy potential
36 months, from 01.11.2020
Horizon 2020
€ 2,999,375
36 months, from 01.11.2020
The BeCoop H2020 project investigates the development potential for cooperative biomass district heating plants or those operated as energy communities in Europe - and the SEV is involved.

Bioenergy is a significant renewable energy source, but it is growing more slowly than, for example, wind power or solar energy in the field of decentralised supply of "green" energy. BECoop H2020 now wants to develop support instruments for tapping the untapped market potential of bioenergy - and is focusing on the establishment of energy communities that can use biomass for their heat supply. Eleven organisations from several European countries are participating in this three-year EU-funded research project. Incidentally, the cooperatively operated biomass district heating plants in South Tyrol are regarded in this context as prime examples of a citizen-oriented, sustainable - and successful - supply of heat. Therefore, the SEV will present some of these Alpine "lighthouses" in the further course of the project.
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