A voice to be heard

South Tyrol Energy Association speaks with a clear voice – representing the interests of its members and of the people in our region.

Locally-produced heat

Economical, sustainable, innovative: biomass district heating plants are replacing fossil fuel heating systems in South Tyrol and thus making an active contribution to climate protection.
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Using synergies

Co-operation – this is the motto of SEV when it comes to providing services. The SEV is thus now working closely as a service centre on the creation of so-called “equipment ledgers” with the Regional Craft Federation (LVH).
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The smart grid

In the past power grids have only been used for the transmission of electrical energy – their utilisation will significantly expand in future.
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Co-operation pays off

The South Tyrol Energy Association (SEV) emphasises co-operation and the shared use of synergies, including for district heating plants.
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Innovation and quality

There is a long tradition of clean energy in both South Tyrol and the Alps, which for 100 years have been an important location for the production and distribution of renewable electrical energy and sustainably produced heat.
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Impulses towards innovation

Since 2007 the South Tyrol Energy Association has been organising training for the technicians, senior managers and board members of the 70 district heating plants in South Tyrol.
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The right path

Planners need data for analysis. The South Tyrol Energy Association (SEV) therefore commissioned the Finnish consulting firm Pöyry to produce a study of the energy landscape in South Tyrol.
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